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The collaborative hub for teams who use Cucumber


Provides a set of collaboration tools
  • User friendly platform designed for product owners, business analysts and team managers
  • Collaborate across the globe with a real-time shared editor
  • Use consistent business terminology with autocomplete


Results are displayed as colored lines
  • Access the latest version of your executable specifications at any time.
  • Show the team's progress with historical reports*
  • Link to issue trackers*
  • Screenshots appear inside reports*


Cucumber Pro can display files attached to scenario line results
  • Edit incorrect specifications instantly, and see the results as they appear
  • Work directly with source-controlled features from a user-friendly editor


Integrates source control natively
  • Automatically reads and writes changes to your source control
  • Use GitHub, Bitbucket or Subversion
  • Use any Continuous Integration server
  • Works with Cucumber (Ruby, JVM, JavaScript), Behat for PHP, SpecFlow for C# and more

When a file is opened in Cucumber Pro it's read straight from your source control. When you are done editing, you can save it back to the source control. There are no complicated commands to learn - just open and save.

Only people who have access to the source control repository can open files, so you can rest assured that your files are safe.

* coming soon

Works with Cucumber

CucumberCucumber Pro works with all flavors of Cucumber, the free, open source tool for executable specifications used by thousands of companies.

Cucumber has revolutionalized the software development lifecycle by melding requirements, automated testing and documentation into a cohesive one: Plain text executable specifications that validate the software.

Cucumber Pro complements Cucumber by providing a collaborative environment that is designed for product owners, business analysts, testers and programmers.

Cucumber Pro is built by the creators of Cucumber. We get executable specifications.